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1 Locknuts are sometimes used in making electrical connections on studs. In these cases the purpose of the locknuts is to ____.
a) be able to connect several wires to one stud
b) make it difficult to tamper with the connection
c) make a tighter connection
d) prevent the connection from loosening under vibration

2 To cut rigid conduit you should ____
a) use a 3-wheel pipe cutter
b) use a cold chisel and ream the ends
c) use a hacksaw and ream the ends
d) order it cut to size

3 In the course of normal operation the instrument which will be least effective in indicating that a generator may overheat because it is overloaded, is ____
a) a wattmeter
b) a voltmeter
c) an ammeter
d) a stator thermocouple

4 Two switches in one box under one face-plate is called a ____
a) double-pole switch
b) two-gang switch
c) 2-way switch
d) mistake

5 A conduit body is ____
a) a cast fitting such as an FD or FS box
b) a standard 10 foot length of conduit
c) a sealtight enclosure
d) a LB or T, or similar fitting

6 A dwelling unit is ____
a) one unit of an apartment
b) one or more rooms used by one or more persons
c) one or more rooms with space for eating, living, and sleeping
d) A single unit, providing complete and independent living facilities for one or more persons, including permanent provisions for living, sleeping, cooking, and sanitation.

7 Enclosed, denotes surrounded by a ____ which will prevent persons from accidentally contacting energized parts.
     I. wall
     II. fence
     III. housing or case
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I, II or III

8 Where the conductor material is not specified in the Code, the conductors are specified as ____.
a) bus bars
b) aluminum
c) copper-clad aluminum
d) copper

9 The voltage lost across a portion of a circuit is called the ____.
a) power loss
b) power factor
c) voltage drop
d) apparent va

10 In a series circuit ____ is common throughout the circuit.
a) resistance
b) current
c) voltage
d) wattage

11 Batteries supply ____ current.
a) positive
b) negative
c) direct
d) alternating

12 Electron flow produced by means of applying mechanical pressure to a material is called ____.
a) photo conduction
b) electrochemistry
c) piezoelectricity
d) thermoelectricity

13 Raceways shall be provided with ____ to compensate for thermal expansion and contraction.
a) accordion joints
b) thermal fittings
c) expansion joints
d) contro-spansion

14 An alternation is ____.
a) one-half cycle
b) one hertz
c) one alternator
d) two cycles

15 What is the function of a neon glow tester?
     I. Determines if circuit is alive
     II. Determines polarity of DC circuits
     III. Determines if circuit is AC or DC
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I, II and III

16 What chapter in the Code is Mobile Homes referred to?
a) Chapter 3
b) Chapter 5
c) Chapter 6
d) Chapter 8

17 Never approach a victim of an electrical injury until you ____.
a) find a witness
b) are sure the power is turned off
c) have a first-aid kit
d) contact the supervisor

18 A wattmeter indicates ____.
     I. real power
     II. apparent power if PF is not in unity
     III. power factor
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I, II and III

19 Unless buried, the connection of a ground clamp to a grounding electrode shall be ____.
a) accessible
b) visible
c) readily accessible
d) in sight

20 The current will lead the voltage when ____.
a) inductive reactance exceeds the capacitive reactance in the circuit
b) reactance exceeds the resistance in the circuit
c) resistance exceeds the reactance in the circuit
d) capacitive reactance exceeds the inductive reactance in the circuit

21 Mandatory rules of the Code are identified by the use of the word ____ .
a) should
b) shall
c) must
d) could

22 Which of the following is not one of the considerations that must be evaluated in judging equipment?
a) wire-bending and connection space
b) arcing effects
c) longevity
d) electrical insulation

23 To increase the range of an AC ammeter which one of the following is most commonly used?
a) a current transformer
b) a condenser
c) an inductor
d) inductor and condenser in parallel

24 If a test lamp lights when placed in series with a condenser and a suitable source of DC, it is a good indication that the condenser is ____.
a) fully charged
b) short-circuited
c) open-circuited
d) fully discharged

25 To transmit power economically over considerable distances, it is necessary that the voltages be high. High voltages are readily obtainable with ____ .
a) rectified
b) AC
c) DC
d) carrier

26 Two 500 watt lamps connected in series across a 110 volt line draws 2 amperes. The total power consumed is ____ watts.
a) 50
b) 150
c) 220
d) 1000

27 The resistance of a copper wire to the flow of electricity ____.
a) decreases as the length of the wire increases
b) decreases as the diameter of the wire decreases
c) increases as the diameter of the wire increases
d) increases as the length of the wire increases

28 Enclosed knife switches that require the switch to be open before the housing door can be opened, are called _____ switches.
a) release
b) air-break
c) safety
d) service

29 A type of cable with preinstalled conductors protected by a spiral metal cover is called by the trade name ____ in the field.
a) BX
b) greenfield
c) sealtight
d) Romex

30 The resistance of a circuit may vary due to _____.
a) a loose connection
b) change in voltage
c) change in current
d) induction

31 Grounding conductors running with circuit conductors may be ____.
     I. uninsulated,
     II. a continuous green, if covered
     III. continuous green with yellow stripe, if covered
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I, II and III

32 For voltage and current to be in phase, ____.
     I. the circuit impedance has only resistance
     II. the voltage and current appear at their zero and peak values
         at the same time
a) I only
b) II only
c) both I and II
d) neither I nor II

33 The definition of ampacity is ____.
a) the current-carrying capacity of conductors expressed in volt-amps
b) the current-carrying capacity expressed in amperes
c) the current-carrying capacity of conductors expressed in wattage
d) the maximum current in amperes a conductor can carry continuously under the conditions of use without exceeding its temperature rating

34 Continuous duty is ____.
a) a load where the maximum current is expected to continue for three hours or more
b) a load where the maximum current is expected to continue for one hour or more
c) intermittent operation in which the load conditions are regularly recurrent
d) operation at a substantially constant load for an indefinitely long time

35 A location classified as dry may be temporarily subject to ____.
     I. wetness
     II. dampness
a) I only
b) II only
c) both I and II
d) neither I nor II

36 A ____ is an enclosure designed either for surface or flush mounting and provided with a frame, mat, or trim in which a swinging door or doors are or may be hung.
a) cabinet
b) panelboard
c) cutout box
d) switchboard

37 A 15 ohm resistance carrying 20 amperes of current uses ____ watts of power.
a) 300
b) 3000
c) 6000
d) none of these

38 When using a #12/2 WG Romex, the grounding conductor ____ carry current under normal operation.
a) will
b) will not
c) will sometimes
d) none of these

39 As compared with solid wire, stranded wire of the same gauge size is ____.
a) better for higher voltages
b) given a higher ampacity
c) easier to skin
d) larger in total diameter

40 The type of AC system commonly used to supply both commercial light and power is the____.
a) 3-phase, 3-wire
b) 3-phase, 4-wire
c) 2-phase, 3-wire
d) single-phase, 2-wire

41 To make a good soldered connection between two stranded wires, it is least important to ____.
a) use enough heat to make the solder flow freely
b) clean the wires carefully
c) twist the wires together before soldering
d) apply solder to each strand before twisting the two wires together

42 The most important reason for using a condulet-type fitting in preference to making a bend in a one inch conduit is to ____.
a) avoid the possible flattening of the conduit when making the bend
b) cut down the amount of conduit needed
c) make a neater job
d) make wire pulling easier

43 When removing the insulation from a small wire, it should be "pencil stripped" rather than cut square to ____.
a) allow more room for the splice
b) save time in making the splice
c) decrease the danger of nicking the wire
d) prevent the braid from fraying

44 Rubber insulation on an electrical conductor would quickly be damaged by continuous contact with ___
a) water
b) acid
c) oil
d) alkali

45 A tester using an ordinary light bulb is commonly used to test ____.
a) whether a circuit is AC or DC
b) for polarity of a DC circuit
c) an overloaded circuit
d) for grounds on 120 volt circuits

46 Pigtails are used on brushes to ____.
a) compensate for wear
b) supply the proper brush tension
c) make a good electrical connection
d) hold the brush in the holder

47 With respect to fluorescent lamps it is correct to state ____.
a) the filaments seldom burn out
b) the starters and tubes must be replaced at the same time
c) they are easier to install than incandescent light bulbs
d) their efficiency is less than the efficiency of incandescent light bulbs

48 A ____ stores electrical energy.
a) resistor
b) coil
c) condenser
d) none of these

49 An overcurrent trip unit of a circuit shall be connected in series with each ___.
a) transformer
b) grounded conductor
c) overcurrent device
d) ungrounded conductor

50 ____ lighting is a string of outdoor lights suspended between two points.
a) Pole
b) Festoon
c) Equipment
d) Outline

51 If six - 1.5 volt dry cells are connected in parallel, the total voltage would be ____.
a) 1.5
b) 4
c) 6
d) 12

52 A rigid conduit connecting to an outlet box should have a ____.
a) bushing and locknut on the outside
b) bushing on the outside and a locknut on the inside
c) locknut and bushing on the inside
d) locknut on the outside and a bushing on the inside

53 Identified, as used in the Code in reference to a white conductor or its terminals, means that such a conductor or terminal is to be recognized as ____.
a) grounded
b) bonded
c) colored
d) marked

54 A toaster will produce less heat on low voltage because ____.
a) its total watt output decreases
b) the current will decrease
c) the resistance has not changed
d) all of these

55 If the current flow through a conductor is increased, the magnetic field around the conductor ___.
a) is unchanged
b) becomes stronger
c) collapses
d) becomes weaker

56 Comparing a #6 conductor to a #10 conductor of equal lengths, the #6 will have lower ____.
a) cost
b) weight
c) resistance
d) strength

57 In reference to conductors, the definition of ambient temperature is ____.
a) the temperature of the conductor
b) the insulation rating of the conductor
c) the temperature of the area surrounding the conductor
d) the differential temperature

58 The primary reason for using a hacksaw blade with fine teeth rather than coarse teeth when cutting large stranded conductors is ____.
a) the teeth on a coarse blade would plug up
b) a coarse blade breaks too easily
c) to avoid snagging or pulling strands
d) a fine blade will bend easier

59 The standard residential service is a 3-wire, 240 volt single-phase system. The maximum voltage to the ground conductor in this system would be ____ volts.
a) 115
b) 120
c) 199
d) 208

60 When working on a motor, the electrician should ____ to prevent accidental starting of the motor.
a) remove the circuit breaker
b) ground the motor
c) shut off the switch, lock it and tag it
d) remove the belts

61 It is the responsibility of the electrician to make sure his tools are in good condition because ___.
a) defective tools can cause accidents
b) the boss may want to use them
c) the company will pay for only one set of tools
d) a good job requires perfect tools

62 Continually overloading a conductor is a poor practice because it causes ____.
a) the conductor to melt
b) the insulation to deteriorate
c) the conductor to shrink
d) damage to the raceway

63 For better illumination you would ____.
a) random spacing of lights
b) even spacing, numerous lights
c) evenly spaced, higher ceilings
d) cluster lights

64 A junction box above a suspended ceiling is considered ____.
a) concealed
b) accessible
c) readily accessible
d) recessed

65 Which of the following metals is most commonly used in the filament of a bulb?
a) aluminum
b) mercury
c) tungsten
d) platinum

66 Electrical equipment can be defined as ____.
     I. fittings
     II. appliances
     III. devices
     IV. fixtures
a) I only
b) I and IV only
c) I, III and IV
d) all of these

67 If two equal resistance conductors are connected in parallel, the resistance of the two conductors is equal to _____.
a) the resistance of one conductor
b) twice the resistance of one conductor
c) one-half the resistance of one conductor
d) the resistance of both conductors

68 When installing on a binding post the wire should encircle binding posts in the ____ direction the nut turns to tighten.
a) opposite
b) same
c) reverse
d) different

69 Loop wiring in a cellular floor raceway is ____
a) a continuous unbroken conductor connecting the individual outlets
b) the conductors in the header
c) not allowed
d) for #12 AWG or smaller

70 The primary and secondary windings of a transformer always have _____.
a) a common magnetic circuit
b) the same size wire
c) separate magnetic circuits
d) the same number of turns

71 Which of the following is not the force which moves electrons?
a) EMF
b) voltage
c) potential difference
d) current

72 A motor with a wide speed range is a ____.
a) DC motor
b) AC motor
c) synchronous motor
d) induction motor

73 The ( stator ) of an AC generator is another name for the ____.
a) rotating portion
b) slip rings
c) stationary portion
d) housing

74 Where galvanized conduit is used, the main purpose of the galvanizing is to ____.
a) corrosion protection
b) provide better continuity
c) provide better strength
d) provide a better surface for painting

75 To lubricate a oillite motor sleeve bearing you would use ____.
a) grease
b) vaseline
c) oil
d) graphite

76 When soldering conductors, flux is used ____.
a) to heat the conductors quicker
b) to keep the surfaces from oxidizing when heat is applied
c) to prevent loss of heat
d) to bond the conductors

77 ____ means so constructed or protected that exposure to the weather will not interfere with successful operation.
a) Weatherproof
b) Weather tight
c) Weather resistant
d) All weather

78 The current used for charging storage batteries is ____.
a) square-wave
b) direct
c) alternating
d) variable

79 You should close a knife switch firmly and rapidly as there will be less ____.
a) likelihood of arcing
b) wear on the contacts
c) danger of shock
d) energy used

80 If one complete cycle occurs in 1/30 of a second, the frequency is ____.
a) 30 hertz
b) 60 cycle
c) 115 cycle
d) 60 hertz

81 An instrument that measures electrical energy usage is called the ____.
a) galvanometer
b) ammeter
c) dynamometer
d) watt meter

82 In electrical wiring, ( wire nuts ) are used to ___.
a) connect wires to terminals
b) join wires and insulate the joint
c) connect the electrode
d) tighten the panel studs

83 Which of the following would be the best metal for a magnet?
a) steel
b) aluminum
c) lead
d) tin

84 An electrician may use a megger ____.
a) to determine the RPM of a motor
b) to determine the output of a motor
c) to check wattage
d) to test conductor insulation for breakdown

85 Compact stranding is the result of a manufacturing process where the standard conductor is ____ to the extent that the interstices (voids between strand wires) are virtually eliminated.
a) compressed
b) stretched
c) shortened
d) fluxed

86 The property of a circuit tending to prevent the flow of current and at the same time causing energy to be converted into heat is referred to as ____.
a) the inductance
b) the resistance
c) the capacitance
d) the reluctance

87 Rigid conduit is generally secured to outlet boxes by ____.
a) beam clamps
b) locknuts and bushings
c) set screws
d) offsets

88 Which one of the following is not a safe practice when lifting heavy items?
a) use the arm and leg muscles
b) keep your back as upright as possible
c) keep lifting a heavy object until you get help
d) keep your feet spread apart

89 A thermocouple will transform ____ into electricity.
a) current
b) heat
c) work
d) watts

90 In a residence a single wall switch controlling the ceiling light is usually ____.
a) connected across both lines
b) a double pole switch
c) connected in one line only
d) a 4-way switch

91 An overcurrent device which opens automatically when the current exceeds a predetermined limit would be called a ____.
a) limit switch
b) circuit breaker
c) DT disconnect
d) contactor

92 A wattmeter is a combination of which two of the following meters?
     I. ammeter
     II. ohmeter
     III. phase meter
     IV. volt meter
     V. power factor meter
a) II and III
b) I and V
c) I and IV
d) II and V

93 Portable tools or appliances not provided with special insulation or grounding protection are not intended to be used in ____ locations.
     I. damp
     II. wet
     III. conductive
a) I only
b) II only
c) III only
d) I, II and III

94 Acid is not used when soldering conductors because it ____.
a) smells bad
b) is corrosive
c) is non-conductive
d) costs too much

95 If the spring tension on a cartridge fuse clip is weak, the result most likely would be ____.
a) the fuse would blow immediately
b) the fuse clips would become warm
c) the voltage to the load would increase
d) the supply voltage would increase

96 The branch-circuit loads specified by the Code for lighting and receptacles are considered ____.
a) minimum loads
b) maximum loads
c) loads to be served
d) peak loads

97 ___ shall not be threaded.
a) Luminaire stems
b) IMC
c) RMC
d) EMT

98 After cutting a conduit, to remove the rough edges on both ends, the internal conduit ends should be ____.
a) reamed
b) burnished
c) flared
d) coated

99 To fasten a raceway to a solid concrete ceiling, you would use ____.
a) toggle bolts
b) expansion bolts
c) wooden plugs
d) 10 penny nails

100 A commutator of a generator should be cleaned with which of the following?
a) toothpaste
b) graphite
c) a smooth file
d) fine sandpaper

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